Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Guess which picture Tommy took.


Tommy is our little climber. He knows no fear when it comes to playground equipment. I am getting gray hairs just writing about his playtime. Tommy loves to do everything the big kids do, and this includes climbing to the tallest slide and sliding down it backwards. You would never know that he is only 17 months old. The top two pictures are from Easter. The first one is of Tommy eating a peep and not knowing what to make of it (his mother is still trying to decide what made peeps a good idea). The next picture is of me reading to Tommy. He loves story time, and when he is being fussy, it is often the only thing that will make him happy. The next few pictures were taken at the butterfly pavillion. There were not many butterflies when we went, so Tommy's favorite parts were the puddle of water and this climbing honey comb. You can tell in one of the pictures that he is soaking wet because he sat in the puddle and splashed for about 20 minutes. Glad that I paid $8 so he could enjoy that. I can't get all of the most recent pictures in this post, so I am going to post again with playground pictures.